5 Trending Jewellery This Wedding Season

5 Trending Jewellery This Wedding Season

What are the first few things that come to your mind about Indian weddings? Larger than life and women embellished with exotic jewelleries! Yes, Indian weddings are grand and flocked with women adorned in beautiful jewellery pieces that match their stature. Be it the discerning bride or her female relatives, every woman participating in the wedding ceremony dons exclusive and trendiest jewellery pieces that boasts about her style statement. Some prefer to stay traditional while there are many who love adorning pieces according to the latest jewellery trends. The space below acquaints you of the trending jewellery fashion in weddings this year, each of which is contemporary in effect and chic in design:

1. Waist Belt: Worn around the waist, a waist belt is the most elite jewellery piece that has been adorned by brides since time-immemorial. This jewellery piece has been the epitome of stature but off-late, gold waist belt has gained momentum on the fashion regime. The traditional touch it gives to a bride is commendable but with the latest exquisite designs in this contemporary trinket makes it the most acclaimed for the chic brides of today. Available in sleek designs to exquisite ones, a waist belt offers a wide range of designs to choose from that flawlessly blend with the ensemble of the bride.waist belt

2. Baju Bandh: Baju Bandh is a traditional jewellery piece worn around the arms. Also known as armlets, these exquisite trinkets lead the list of must wear wedding jewellery for the effect they have on a bride’s ensemble. As powerful statement of style and traditions, Baju Bandh when adorned on arms not only helps create flawless impressions about the bride’s signature style but also makes her feel like a queen. According to the new jewellery trends 2018, baju bandh definitely is a craze amongst the brides, due to the effect it has on her charismatic persona!baju bandh

3. Maang Tikka: A maang tikka is not just an accessory; it is an age old tradition that has immense significance in a wedding. Adorned on the fore-head, a Maang tikka is the most noticed embellishment on a woman. Not only does it add to the resplendence of a bride but also sparks her persona with immaculate impressions. As an integral part of a bride’s trousseau, maang tikkas today are available in the trendiest designs to give a unique panache to her persona on the special day. The chic designs of diamond maang tikka available in the market today offer best options that create flawless impressions on the onlookers.maang tikka

4. Long Necklace: A bride isn’t complete without a long necklace. The exotic design of a gold necklace set accomplishes the bride with a suave that lets her create endless impressions. Long necklace sets have been traditionally adorned by brides since time immemorial because these effortlessly add to the resplendence of the bride on the special occasion. According to the latest jewellery trends of 2018, the compelling designs of the long necklace sets have made them an essential for the bride today.

long necklace

5. Antique Jewellery: Last but not the least; antique jewellery is the trend today. For the bride who loves the vintage look antique jewellery is the best option to adorn on the special day. Available in exquisite designs, the contemporary yet chic effect of these trinkets not only adds to a bride’s charisma but also gives her an ethnic look to cherish on the day.
antique jewellery

Weddings are meant to be special, and donning the trendiest jewellery pieces makes them all the more delightful. The trendsetting online jewellery collection offered by various brands lets you buy these trending jewellery pieces from the comforts of your home, hence making the task effortless.

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