9 famous historic diamonds

Ever since the first gem was discovered buried under the earth, man has always been attracted and allured by the treasures. Diamonds have among been the most alluring possessions across cultures and regions all over the globe. Here are 15 diamonds that have made a mark in history, not just once but several times. Each one is a unique piece and is sure to make your heart skip a beat. Furthermore, each one has a story to tell.

image6Archduke Joseph Diamond

Made in one of the most ancient diamond mines in India, the Archduke Joseph is a treasured possession of the Golconda royalty. It measures an amazing 78.54 carats but what makes it unique is its clarity and colour. The Archduke Joseph was originally the property of the Archduke Joseph of Austria and later came into possession of the Hapsburg Family of Hungary. The piece became popularly known after Celine Dion wore it in the historic performance of “A New Day Has Come”. This is a perfect rated D piece.

image7Centenary Diamond

The third largest diamond in the world, the Centenary measures a whopping 273.85 carats and rated a flawless D. previously, its uncut form measured 599 carats and was displayed on DeBeers Centenary Anniversary – hence the name too. Though the current whereabouts is unknown, it is believed that the DeBeers Company sold it to a private collected for more than 100 million dollars.


image8Cullinan Diamond

The largest of diamonds ever discovered by man, the Cullinan measures 3,106.75 carats. It was originally gifted to the Edward VII, the king of United Kingdom. The stone however was eventually cut into 11 separate pieces, but each being large enough. The largest piece is called the Cullinan I and the “Star of Africa”.


image9Deepdene Diamond

The Deepdene measured 104.52 carats when the Bok’s of Pennsylvania sold it to Harry Winston. The stone eventually found its way to Germany and appeared at an auction in 1971 at Christies. Its splendid yellow coloration makes it more valuable when compared to its size. The current whereabouts of the piece is unknown.


image10Excelsior Diamond

In 1893, when the Excelsior was discovered, it was the largest diamond measuring 971 carats. The stone is unique for its blue and white coloration. However, it was eventually cut into 13 smaller pieces that measured between 13 carats and 68 carats.


image11The Golden Jubilee Diamond

Known to be the largest among faceted diamonds, the Golden Jubilee was cut into fire cushion shape and weighed a whooping 545.67 carats. However, what’s more unique about this stone is the yellowish brown colour – resembling scorching fire. The piece is currently the property of the Royal Thai Palace.


image12Great Mogul Diamond

A legendary stone, the Great Mogul weighed 280 carats. Jean Baptiste Tavernier, a traveller who visited India in 1665, first described it. However, the stone has been missing for more than thousand years now and remains a legend.


image13Koh-i-Noor Diamond

The largest diamond in the world, the Koh-i-Noor originally measured over 186 carats. However, it was refined and polished to give a sharper appearance and turned into a 105.602 carat piece. The diamond has been attached to several Hindu legends and is currently a part of the crown jewels of England.


image14Millennium Star

The Millennium is believed to be a part of the same stone that produced the “Heart of Eternity” and ranked as the second largest (rated D) diamond in the world. It measures 203.04 carats and is a part of the De-Beers collection at the famed Millennium Dome.

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