Accessorizing Your Wedding Trousseau

Accessorizing Your Wedding Trousseau

The excitement of the wedding  often begins with the shopping. Picking out the perfect outfit and the most flattering jewellery are defining moments leading up to the wedding. Choosing the right outfits and accessories for your trousseau can prove stressful amidst the cacophony. One can, sometimes, feel overwhelmed with the endless number of options available and the contradicting trends written about in magazines. Visiting designer stores only adds to the confusion. While your wedding dress may never see the sunlight again, jewellery stays with you forever and goes on to becoming heirlooms.

Opt for jewellery which is versatile and can be styled for various occasions. Keep the following tips in mind to make the best out of your wedding trousseau:

jewellery-malabar-goldMost people often make the mistake of matching their jewellery with the lehenga. Jewellery is a lifetime investment; while you may not wear your wedding outfit again, your jewellery will be used repeatedly. Opt for timeless pieces like Kundan and Jadau, which can be easily accessorized with any outfit. Choose a metal colour according to your skin tone rather than your lehenga. Since the jewellery is closest to your skin, the right tone brightens up your face.

necklace jewelleryInstead of buying one big set, opt for two smaller ones which can be layered together. Not only do they look elegant, but also provide more utility. While you won’t be able to wear a huge necklace all the time, the smaller sets can be reused seamlessly for a new look every time. You can wear the earrings and necklace separately, which gives you 3-4 looks with the investment of 1. Buy slim bangles which can be stacked together for your functions and worn separately after.

Trending jewelleryEvery bride wants to look like a cover model on her big day, with latest clothes and accessories. It is important to look beyond the latest issue of the wedding magazine and think about the utility of the jewellery.

wedding-jewelleryThe happy haze of the wedding can often lead to shopping for over-the-top items for the trousseau. While they are pretty, you need to look beyond the wedding day. Make sure you add jewellery which can be used daily after the wedding in your trousseau. There will be a lot of dinners you will be invited to for which you need to look your best. For this, pick delicate jewellery or even multi-purpose accessories. Some must-haves in your trousseau are jhumkas, cocktail rings, and bangles which can be paired for any occasion.

Disclaimer: All images used in the blog have been sourced from Pinterest purely for illustrative purpose.