Buying Bridal Jewellery Guide

Buying Bridal Jewellery is not an easy task. In fact, it is one of the major aspects of bridal shopping and a girl must choose wisely. At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, we understand this particular predicament and bring to you a few tips to help you when you go out for shopping.

image22Pick the Right Jeweller

It is essential that you pick your jewellery from a reputed jeweller. It not only ensures that the jewellery you choose is of the highest quality but also you get to choose from a massive collection of beautiful masterpieces. At Malabar Gold & Diamonds, we ensure that you get to choose from the best.


Choose Your Style

Before you decide to select your jewellery, you need to figure out what exactly you require as part of your wedding ensemble, right from your trousseau down to your footwear. After having done so, you can proceed to choose the jewellery of your choice so that you look your best on your special day.

Sport an Eternal Look

While choosing your jewellery make sure your choices remain timeless and eternal. You want to be remembered for what you wore on your wedding day and who knows, with the right choice, you may even start a new trend.

Let your jewellery do the talking. Style is one thing, but if your ensemble has to work, you have to be comfortable with it completely and this is where your jewellery comes into play. Pick a set that goes well with your personality. It is essential that you do not pick jewellery that does not really appeal to you. Be comfortable in your own skin.

image23Don’t Go Over the Top

You want to make a statement, not a joke out of yourself. So pick a set that makes you look vibrant and beautiful. Subtlety and elegance always go hand in hand and there are no substitutes to the two. This is probably the most important tip of the lot.



Re-usability Is Back Now

One time wear jewellery is an outdated style. Pick a set that you can use and pass it onto others or the next generation and so on.

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