Enjoy a Lifelong Festival called Marriage with Exceptional Wedding Jewellery

Enjoy a Lifelong Festival called Marriage with Exceptional Wedding Jewellery

Indian weddings are no less than a festival. Right from the week-long rituals, family gathering, variety of food, late night parties and adoring herself with jewellery, makes it the dream wedding for the bride. It is this day, which she always dreamt about. After all everyone enjoys the grand, larger than life celebration. In our latest TVC on Brides of India, Manushi Chhillar dreams her wedding to be no less than celebration of festival, where she sees herself as the sparkling bride, brightening up her new home with her dazzling smile and exquisite jewellery from Malabar Gold and Diamonds. A wedding is a major custom that needs to be accomplished and adding a little flavour of zeal can brighten up the whole mood of celebration.

For bride, wedding ceremony is the most memorable part of life, and it should offer varied flavours of love, excitement, trust, and togetherness which end up into being the most cherishing events of life. Weddings are all the more special also due to the jewellery a bride adorns. As a bride, Manushi inspires Kareena to marry all over again.

‘Inspired by the energy and exuberance of the diverse celebration that defines us as a nation, Malabar gold & diamonds presents an all-new bridal jewellery collection that resonates the spirit of India. The latest Bridal Jewellery CollectionCelebration Bride’ includes the most exquisite yet exuberant wedding jewellery pieces. Etched with a traditional touch and life-filled values every piece from our Bridal jewellery collection intends to enrich the versatility of the bride, without compromising on the fervour of the occasion.


Unveil your vibrant self:

The bride of today is not the shy one, rather is the one who loves enjoying every moment of this life-turning event. She cherishes her wedding and knows how important every ritual is. The Rangoli Bride jewellery from the Era Collection celebrates that true spirit of today’s bride. At Malabar Gold & Diamonds, we understand that the times have changed and so has the outlook of the brides. The Era Uncut diamond jewellery collection for the bride of today marks respect to the lively bride who enlightens the wedding occasion with her alluring presence and zeal.


Enliven Divinity

You are the bride, and all the rituals in the wedding revolve around you. With you as the center of attraction, it is essential that you do full justice to your role. The Divine Bride jewellery collection from Malabar lets your divinity unleash, leaving everyone at the ceremony spellbound with your timeless beauty. As an exquisite collection for the bride, every trinket from the cluster is an ardent work of perfection and elegance. The Divine collection for bride aims at adding scintillating effect to the bride’s persona on the special day.


Scintillate the celebration

For the diva-like look on your special day of life, the Sparkling Bride collection from Malabar is a perfect embellishment for the occasion. The love for gold in women is not an unknown fact. This love has no bounds on a woman’s wedding. The Sparkling Bride collection from Malabar is a blend of trends and traditions that sparks up the persona of a bride. Every piece from the collection is worth the mesmerizing persona of the bride and blends well with the vigour of the grand occasion.


Enlighten the occasion

For the bride who wants to keep it subtle yet lavish, the Starlit Bride collection is her perfect embellishment for “The day”. The Starlit collection from the house of Malabar Gold & Diamonds is the most understated yet elegant way that presents the stunning side of the Bride in the most exquisite ways. Every jewellery piece from this enchanting collection is intended to bring out the enthusiasm of the bride in the most elegant way so that the real beauty of the bride is not over-shadowed.

The Bridal Collection from Malabar Gold & Diamonds intends to illuminate every ritual during a wedding occasion. As the centres of prime attraction, a Bride is already the most gorgeous part of a wedding, and our Jewellery collection just flawlessly embellishes the already mesmeric persona of her. The aesthetics of the collection is so enticing that even a married woman like Kareena would want to remarry just to adorn these exquisite pieces!

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