Gift a Jewellery to the Special Women in your Life


Every woman is special. A woman in every role is an alluring addition to your life. As a daughter she brightens your smile while as a sister she enlightens your childhood and as a wife she adds love to your life. But the most important of these is a mother who gives life to you and adds life to your presence. A person so important should be honoured and what better occasion than Woman’s day. A day to celebrate the gracious role of the woman is round the corners and Malabar Gold & Diamonds gives you delightful reasons to revere the presence of every woman in your life.


You owe her your life! Your mom isn’t just any woman, she is a mother. Her self-less love is reflected in your upbringing and woman’s day is the perfect time to celebrate your gratitude for her. As a symbol of conventions bangles for your mother make a wonderful gift. The alluring designs of these circlets around wrists will surely bring a glint of pride in her. On woman’s day, let her know how proud you are to have her as your mother!



Your better half needs to be honoured too! For standing tough in ups and downs and for giving you shoulder in times of anxiety, your wife is that special person whose role in your success is par words. Not only does she add meaning to your life but sparks up your life at the cost of hers. The role she plays needs to be rewarded by gifts that match her noble presence and what better than platinum jewellery. Platinum signifies endless love and gifting her with platinum rings and platinum earring complements her congenial presence in your life.



Sometimes as a friend and sometimes as a guide, your sister has showered her love on you on varying circumstances. From being your crime partner to your protector, every gesture of hers has made your childhood memorable. As your best friend, she need be gifted with trinkets that complement her stature in your life. Known as a girl’s best friend, Malabar Gold & Diamonds offers exquisite diamond pendants and rings for your sister.


Your little princess has brightened your smile from the very day she stepped into your life. Her love-filled gaze and words bring a smile to your face. As a daughter, she is truly a wonderful addition to your life. On woman’s day gift your little angel with jewellery pieces that spark her charismatic persona. From gold necklace to gold pendants, every jewellery piece is worth her benevolent presence.



Your someone special needs special gifts that reflect your hidden love for her. Engagement rings and bracelets are the best way to honour your awaiting commitment for life. This woman’s day gift your special person who is about to share life and dreams with you, with blissful gold and diamond jewellery.

Our exquisite collection of jewellery is a perfect match to the altruistic role of a woman. The blissful designs in these trinkets make them the best love-filled gifts to honour that special woman in your life. From rings to luscious necklaces we have a huge range specific to a woman’s aspirations. At Malabar Gold & Diamonds we understand the spell a woman has on your life hence have come up with woman’s day special collection that celebrates the presence of the woman in your life. Whether it’s your mother or wife, we have stunning jewellery pieces that make best honorariums for them.

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