Gracefully Adorn Classic Office Jewellery And Dazzle Your Colleagues

Gracefully Adorn Classic Office Jewellery And Dazzle Your Colleagues

Making an impression at work is more than just being good at your job. Ideal work ethics require you to be presentable and well dressed. While it is easy to pick out your outfits, accessorizing for work can be a little tricky. When it comes to workwear, less is more. Choose jewellery that rests perfectly against your skin and does not make any noises when you move around. Select a few pieces which flatter you and which can be matched with all your outfits without you having to spend hours deciding every morning. Make sure you select something subtle yet striking for your work to dazzle your colleagues. Finding the perfect balance between fashion and elegance will make your workwear jewellery stand out.

To make this choice easier, we have designed a special range of office wear jewellery which is delicate yet sure to make an impression. Available in gold and platinum, encrusted with diamonds, every piece of jewellery is designed with elegance and subtle finish to help you make a fine impression at work.

A few must-have additions to your work collection are listed below:

Delicate pendants which add an elegant touch to your formal look without disrupting your ‘boss lady’ attitude are a must have. Choose something feminine that does not overpower your outfit. Do not go overboard with a chunky chain. Pair the pendant with a delicate string or twisted chain for the perfect appeal. You can even layer a plain chain with a pendant below for a chic look.

In a work environment, make sure all the attention is on you when you talk and not on your accessories. Heavy or long earrings should be avoided in the work environment. Opt for studs and drops with either diamonds or solid gold.

Minimal yet beautiful, a ring or two on your fingers can bring together the whole outfit. Choose a metal that goes best with your skin tone. If you have a warm skin-tone, gold will flatter you. People with a cool skin-tone do better with white metals like silver and platinum. Choose a design which isn’t protruding, preferably a band is more comfortable to wear daily.

Minimal yet fashionable, always choose bracelets over bangles for work wear as they are more fluid and less distracting. For a less formal look, you can stack up bracelets with your watch, giving a trendy appeal.

Do not shy away from experimenting with your office accessories. A lot you can be done while styling your jewellery for work which will make you shine among your colleagues. You can wear two different tones of metal together for a voguish look. Adding a little bit of colour to your outfit with your jewellery by trying coloured stones can help brighten up your look.
With such a wide variety to choose from, there is nothing that can stop you from making a great impression at work.

Disclaimer: All images used in the blog have been sourced from Pinterest purely for illustrative purpose.