How to Select a Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring?

How to Select a Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring?

A diamond solitaire engagement ring is the ideal icon of commitment, loyalty, trust, love and it is the most popular engagement ring style across the world. It is the perfect choice for those women who are in love with understated elegance, yet fond of making a bold statement.

A solitaire ring stands out from others as it has only one large diamond ring unlike other rings with a centre stone surrounded by small diamonds. The diamond steals the show in a solitaire ring and it is the classic favourite among women.

As the whole attention will be concentrated on the diamond, much care has to be taken to select a spectacular diamond style. When it comes to buying a diamond, people always look for the 4C’s that stand for cut, colour, clarity and carat. It is advisable to trust your visual judgement along with the 4C’s while buying a diamond.

Size or Carat

Carat stands for the weight of the diamond and it differs depending upon the cut, size, shape etc. It is better to focus more on the impact the diamonds holds on the wearer rather than on the numerical value in carats. There are many ways to make a low carat solitaire diamond look larger, without paying much.


The cut determines the beauty of the ring and so it should be chosen with much care. A round cut diamond is the best one to choose for a solitaire ring as it reflects the beauty totally giving a mesmerising charm to the whole setting.


Setting is also important while selecting a solitaire diamond engagement ring. Prong and halo settings are the most popular settings used for a diamond ring. The prong setting can create a spectacular diamond style that is appealing, feminine and delicate. It allows more light to reflect through the diamonds making the ring more beautiful.

Halo setting creates an impression of a larger diamond without compromising on the diamond sparkle.


The band style depends upon the taste and personality of the wearer. There are different band styles such as thin, thick, plain, engraved etc.

The next important factor is the metal that is to be chosen. It could be yellow gold, white gold or platinum. If a warmer, traditional colour is preferred, then yellow gold is the right choice. When compared with yellow gold, white gold is more durable and it does not wear out soon. If elegance and style should be reflected in the solitaire diamond ring, then platinum is the perfect choice. Platinum is classic, everlasting and durable making it the best metal for a diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Simplicity is the real charm of a solitaire diamond ring and this setting is easy to take care of as compared with other ring styles. If a unique engagement ring is your dream, then solitaire diamond engagement ring will serve your purpose imparting of radiant glow on your lifelong relationship.

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