Indian Woman Wins 20 Kilogram Gold Worth Rs. 5 Crore in Dubai

Indian Woman Wins 20 Kilogram Gold Worth Rs. 5 Crore in Dubai


A 25-year-old Indian woman, working in Dubai as an engineer, has won 20 kg gold worth Rs. 5 crore in a lucky draw.
Ann, who hails from Kerala and was raised in Kenya, works as a structural cable engineer.
She was informed about her prize last Saturday over the phone. The caller told her that she has won the mega Dubai Shopping Festival raffle of 20 kg of gold. It’s worth 3 million dirhams (USD 816,737 or Rs. 5 crore).

She said that she had received a pair of gold anklets as a gift on her 25th birthday and ended up with more than what she could possibly bargain for.

“I always wanted to win a lottery ticket for one overriding reason, to buy a dream car for my father who lives in Kenya. So, that will be the first thing on my agenda, besides travel. I asked my mother what she would like and all she wanted was my happiness,” Gulf News quoted her as saying.
Tony Joseph, General Manager, Dubai Gold, and Jewellery Group, said that the 20 kg of gold would be presented to her this week.
Her friend in Dubai gifted her the gold anklets. The purchase was made at an India-based gold firm and was eligible for three coupons. They had apparently been filled out in her name, the report said.
Ann said she is yet to come to terms with the enormity of her win.
“The news hasn’t really sunk in. It’s too overwhelming and I am not used to this kind of attention.
“At times like this, it is easy to get carried away. But my feet are firmly in the ground. I love my job and will continue to work,” she said.

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