All About Gold Jewellery

In India, jewellery is synonymous with gold. The blingy precious metal doesn’t just have an aesthetic value but is deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of our country. We consider gold as a very auspicious metal which stands for purity, prosperity, and wealth. This makes gold jewellery a compulsory part of a woman’s wardrobe.

Women in India truly love gold jewellery. Their wedding gives them a chance to dive a little deeper into their sea of love for gold. Needless to say, Indian women are one of the biggest consumers of gold.

Well, we can’t blame our women. It is hardly possible for anyone to ignore this yellow-tinted precious metal. Gold is beautiful. It is surreal and pure. The most remarkable thing about gold is that it has been here for centuries that had passed and will remain here for centuries to come.

Gold never loses its sheen and never goes out of trend. In fact, the demand and love for gold are only going to rise with each passing day. This is the reason why gold is considered as the best investment.

Looking at it from a financial perspective gives a clear hint that investing in gold is always going to garner profit. The price of gold rises every year and needless to say, people who invest in gold always find themselves on the greener side.

Even if the financial aspect is kept aside, the aesthetic value of gold magnetizes the classes and the masses. Any woman, of any age, belonging to any class would always love to splurge on gold jewellery. Even men couldn’t hide their love and affinity for gold. Right from wearing thick gold chains to gold bands, men always demonstrate their love for jewellery made from pure gold. All in all, it is always difficult for everyone to suppress their urge to buy and flaunt beautiful gold jewellery.

If you too are keen on buying gold, here is what all you can get:

Beautiful Gold Necklace

A beautiful gold necklace is one of the most gorgeous jewellery pieces. The yellow metal, when adorns the delicate necks of ladies, manages to catch every one’s fancy.

Whatever your budget is, you will always find a perfect gold necklace for you. If you are low on budget, you can invest in beautiful, light-weight gold pendant and chain sets that look like elegant necklaces. If budget is no concern for you, you can buy heavier gold necklace sets.

Kundan jewellery, jadau jewellery, and meenakari are other kinds of gold necklace designs that women adore. But, these necklaces are on the pricier side.

Brides can also indulge in temple-inspired jewellery. Long and heavy necklaces with motifs of gods and goddesses look extremely divine and extravagant. For a smaller budget, brides can go for Kaasumala which translates to coins and necklace. There are many other latest gold jewellery designs for wedding.

In the market, there are bridal gold jewellery designs with price fitting every budget. This is another reason that leads to the popularity of gold jewellery.

Gold bangles

Gone are the days when women used to flaunt multiple heavy bangles on their wrists. The modern Indian women prefer to keep it light and simple. But, this certainly does not mean that the love for gold bangles has faded. Today, women prefer simple and elegant gold bangles design.

The reason behind this little shift is quite obvious. Heavy bangles interfere with work. Especially for working women, who constantly made their hands dance on the keypad of their laptops, it becomes tedious to wear heavy bangles. Henceforth, women prefer wearing light and delicate gold bangles that go with every outfit and do not clink or disturb when they are working.

Gold Bracelet

The majority of young women and even school-going girls love to wear gold bracelets. Bracelet-clad wrists look very elegant and graceful and the best thing that they go with all the occasions and all kinds of outfits. Plus, gold bracelets aren’t very expensive. This makes them a favourite among the women and girls alike.

If you too love gold bracelets, you can have them in different designs ranging from chain bracelets, bracelets with charms dangling onto them, heart-shaped bracelets, traditional bracelets in bangle style, etc.

Gold Rings

Who doesn’t love rings? Gold rings are counted amongst the most loved pieces of jewellery. They look elegant and classy and come in n numbers of designs. There is no woman on the Earth who could say a “no” to gold rings.

Talking about gold ring design, they are available in many different patterns in designs that are worn as per the occasion. There are bold cocktail rings for festive occasions and weddings. There are wedding bands that are typically worn by couples. There are elegant and sober rings that qualify as regular wear jewellery. There are midi rings, birthstone rings, cluster rings, traditional rings, spiritual rings, and the list goes on.

Rings always create a strong fashion statement. Even the most basic gold ring design manages to grab everyone’s attention. Also, the rings are not very expensive. Even if you have a small budget, you can buy a stunning gold ring.

Gold Earring

Gold earrings are loved by one and all. Women don’t have just one or two gold earrings. They have them in huge numbers. Women buy earrings as per the occasion- elegant studs for daily wear and office wear, danglers for parties and other occasions, traditional gold earrings like jhumkas and chandbalis for weddings and festivities. A woman can never have enough earrings, she always yearns for more.

You must make sure that you have ample gold earrings for every occasion. Even if you do not want to spend much on earrings, you can get them made in lower weight to fit your budget.

The love affair between women and gold jewellery dates back to centuries and it is still going strong. Make sure, you too express your love for gold jewellery by buying the above-mentioned gold jewellery pieces.