Jewellery for summers

Folks are downsizing for summer after seasons of larger-than-life statement baubles with rose gold bling, layers and strips of rings, bracelets, and skinny cuffs. These accessories, though tiny in dimensions, make an impact double their size in the summer season.

Bracelets, ear cuffs, cuff bangles, chains are the new pieces in town that have rocked the accessory dimension. Silver and turquoise are the in trend; adorn and flaunt them to the fullest. With the onset of summer, girls are all set to deck up and stash their personal accessories chamber. Shiny accents and colourful beads are among the favourites, as summer is all about more of bling and less of fabric.

Gemstones jewellery is up all year round. The stones are cool to touch and leave one feeling ultra exotic with their vividness and colourful touch. Well, do not restrict yourself with just one style and keep adding to your likes. Not many of us are confident with big, bright and flashy jewellery. This should not hinder your choices for the summer; with few simple pieces, you can look super chic.

image27For The Office

Banish the dullness of the long hours at office by playing with statement pieces and adding a little of neon to your look. Feather drop earrings can do wonders in creating a statement too. Team bright colours of them with a plain white top or go stylish with wearing them to a loosely braided hair.

Casual Style

Bracelets, necklaces and earrings will top off your beach looks. Uplift your love for bracelets and anklets this season. Bracelets can be adorned all year round whatever be the season. However, with short sleeves or sleeveless tops and dresses it is easier to look fab, and so yes, summers are best for bracelets and cuff bangles. You can go with the single piece or stack as many for the added charm.

Colourful stones, leather cords, organic shapes, and coloured metals are summer’s statement style in jewellery. Wear these with a dress, team them up with skinny jeans, or flaunt them with a dramatic top and you are all ready to beat the heat. Jazz up summer ensembles with anklets or maybe small earrings. Dainty and delicate are the chain designs in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, which require more investment. You can wear these everywhere for any occasion with less effort.

Focus On The Details

Instead of scattering pieces all over yourself, focus on specific parts of your body, maybe neck, hands, wrists or ears. Since dressing up is all about wearing less and still being creative while holding the statement look. Tone it down on other parts and focus on one specific part.

The key is to keep it minimal and at the same time display a strong edgy look.
Beads are in; add subtle, colourful stones or even a simple chain. Layer up different pieces of necklace of different lengths for the cool look but one should not look weighed down. Wear all of them together for an evening out or a date with a plunging neckline to create a dramatic statement.

Most of us are actually drawn to jewellery that reflects our personality. Add joy to your look, play with costume jewellery but avoid the cheap looking ones of poor taste, as it would hinder with your cool factor.

image28Statement Look

If you wish to flaunt a statement piece forgo other jewellery, and focus on one. Frame your face with pretty dangly drops, studs or big chandelier. Rings come into focus when we think of ultra-glam look. Boost up your glam factor by infusing different jewel toned, summery eye-catching rings, and ladies, your fingers will do the talking.

Gold studs in the smallest of sizes give you the cool and not-overdone look. For the cheerful moods that find their way, you can choose hoops. Flaunting different styles in studs gives you cool-classy and modern look. A minimalistic silver-and-gold bracelet adds a romantic retro glam to one’s silhouette.

Stack your bracelets for the extra oomph and sleek look. Adding gold spike bracelet, gold cuffs, cluster of brooches and antique styles to your summery accessory will boost up your elegance factor.

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