• July Birthstone: Ruby

    July Birthstone: Ruby

    About Ruby: The gemstone of love is regarded as one of the most precious stone. This rich and regal red coloured gemstone of the C
  • Queen of gems – Opal

    Queen of gems – Opal

    Vibrant Opal truly reflects the romantic spirit of the charming individuals born in October, making it one of the most attractive gemston
  • no-photo

    Blue Sapphire is the birthstone of September and it is closely associated with sincerity, trust and constancy. The striking blue shade of
  • no-photo

    The History and Origin of Green Emeralds

    The word ‘Emerald” has been derived from the Persian representation of “green gem”. The name changed to smaragdus for the Latin speaking
  • Birthstone Jewellery

    Birthstone Jewellery

    The idea of presenting a birthstone to someone special on his or her birthday is unique and creative. Nevertheless, we need to know the i
  • All about Pearls

    All about Pearls

    Pearls have always been enchanting and captivating everyone with its beauty and undying charm since ages. As they are rare and the only k