July Birthstone: Ruby


About Ruby:

The gemstone of love is regarded as one of the most precious stone. This rich and regal red coloured gemstone of the Corundum mineral family is widely used in precious jewellery. This beautiful stone of our earth crust is believed to be the king of all gemstones. It is an important gemstone in many cultures. Some consider it to be a gem of love and some believe that this stone brings professional success and financial gains. Also known as Manik in Hindi this fiery red stone is also believed to be a stone of courage. Lucky for the people who are born in the month of July this stone brings success, love and courage to the wearer. So, July child buy your gemstone jewellery online today and flaunt your hot red stone with confidence.



History of Ruby:

Deemed as one of the most precious stone, this gemstone has a very interesting history. This stone of power is considered as one of the most precious gems in the Bible and in ancient Sanskrit. Burma is the leading producer of this gem for ages. This stone is produced in many areas across the world like Vietnam, Tanzania, Kenya and Thailand but Burma is considered as a birthplace of this leader of gems for more than 800 years ago. To improve the colour and diminish the roughness of the stone it is heated for around 20 to 30 minutes over charcoal on temperature varying between 1300°c to 1800°c.



Where to buy Ruby gemstone:

If you are interested in buying this gem of gems then many authentic online sites are selling ruby gemstone online. Online shopping has made it easy for buyers to choose the best and authenticated gemstone. The certified ruby stones specially tested by gemstone experts, who focus even on the minor details of ruby are available online. Thus you can buy this precious piece of earth at your fingertips anytime and anywhere at an affordable price.

Ruby stone, the lord of gems is one of the most precious stone according to Vedic astrology and culture. The new trend of buying gemstones online helps us to choose from a wide variety of authentic gemstones. Nowadays people love to carry this beautiful stone, some carry this stone with diamonds and some carry the single stone. Certified and high-quality gemstone assures us about its working power. But remember the fake and damaged piece has its own drawback.

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