Meanings of Rings for Each Finger


We all love to accessorize our body parts and when it comes to jewellery the most important jewellery piece are rings. Whether it’s a Gold ring or Diamond ring each ring has its own meaning.  Each finger has its own significance, psychologically and mythically. Your ring says it all about what kind of person you are and what those hidden features you possess are. So use those jewellery pieces wisely. We are here with few facts about wearing your rings.


Thumb Finger Ring

The Thumb:

There are different prospects of wearing a thumb ring in every culture. For some thumb ring represents wealth and prosperity and people wear big rings to flaunt that and for some thumb ring represents manly characteristics. There are many reasons to carry thumb ring but the basic reason is to accessorize your thumb. So carry big and heavy jewellery piece but beware do not make it look flashy keep it classy.


Index Finger Ring

The Index or Pointer Finger:

There are many traits related to wearing a ring on the index finger. Index finger ring represents your leadership quality. Wearing a ring on this finger enhances support to your leadership skills. Index finger ring signifies self-confidence as well. According to myths those who are shy and lack confidence wear this ring to build up their self-confidence and self-esteem. This is not just a piece of jewellery it’s a way to boost up your confidence and leadership skills to rule the world.


Middle Finger Ring

The Middle Finger:

Due to its length the middle finger offers to be the best finger to wear big rings if you want to flaunt your jewellery. Most of the people wear their most stylish piece in this ring. Despite flaunting style, wearing a middle finger ring has its own meaning. The people who often wear middle finger ring have an incredible capability of differentiating between right and wrong. They have a great sense of choice and are the best decision makers. They take their own decisions and are able to make right decisions at right time.


Ring Finger

The Ring Finger:

As the name says it is the most common finger to wear a ring. Your ring finger rings describe your marital status. According to ancient belief nerve connected to this finger goes straight to the heart and that is why one should wear their wedding rings on this finger. Despite showing off your marital status a person who wears a ring on this finger is creative and can solve their problem easily.


Little Finger Ring

The Little (Pinky) Finger:

People wearing pinky finger rings are extraordinary. Wearing a ring on this finger expresses one’s ability to communicate well. This finger also represents cunning nature of the wearer. Every finger represents its own quality. Pinky finger shows the desire of achieving great success in business. The person who wears pinky finger rings has an ability to make money. Their communication skills help them to earn money wherever they want. This ring signifies that money and success are the most important for them.

Every ring depicts its own meaning. You never thought before wearing rings that this will depict a lot of you and your behaviour. The wide range of variety in rings online offers a myriad choice to fit in every finger and every occasion. From Gold rings to diamond rings and platinum bands the huge collection of rings available online let you accomplish your ring aspirations specific to your signature style.

Disclaimer: This article is just for entertainment purposes and may not be an accurate portrayal of the subject matter.

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