Pick The Perfect Platinum Wedding Rings

Pick The Perfect Platinum Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is the ultimate memory charm that signifies commitment and love. In any wedding, the grand finale that seals the deal is the elegant ring. With such great importance, one needs to give careful thought for it before selection. Platinum is the contemporary style choice for many this decade and it comes in myriads of designs and types. Here are a few tips on picking the perfect platinum ring:

Knowing The Purity Content

Platinum is alloyed with other metals as in the case of any precious metal. It is important to understand the composition of the ring before choosing it, as it can be at a range of 80% platinum and 20% alloyed metal to a purer form of 95% platinum and 5% alloyed metal. The value of the ring gets higher as the purity of platinum increases. In addition, it is better to know the alloy with which the platinum is blended for a clear picture of its quality.

Traditional Vs. Modern

Choosing the perfect platinum ring depends on many things, from the quality to the cost of the ring. However, the taste of the wearer and the type of the ring matter the most. If a traditional ring is what you are looking for then there are a variety of styles, from the solitaire rings, three-stoned look to the plain classy band. There are also vintage and contemporary styled ones with diamond-studded accents.

Nevertheless, with the recent change in trend there many who have developed a keen taste for something unique such as the infinity band and clustered style. Picking the type of style is the first step involved in the path to identifying the ideal ring.

Balancing The Budget

It is always better to have a budget in mind before starting to shop. The cost of rings varies based on the accents and features. Adding a diamond quickly raises the cost. In fact, the cost of personalizing the ring with an engraving or filigree detail enhances the expense further. Planning the cost along with the style in mind helps to reach the goal by balancing the expense.

The Size Matters

Since most people wear their platinum wedding rings lifelong, it is important to choose the right size. Equal priority to comfort is needed to achieve the perfect fit. In some cases, rings that look gorgeous may not fit ideally, and the stone or diamond accents might disturb the finger. It is better to try the ring on before confirming on the choice.

Lifestyle And Quality

Lifestyle also plays an important role in ring choices. A gorgeous prong set solitaire platinum ring suits a glamorous living. However, rings with pave and prong settings may not suit everyone and there are rings specifically designed in the case of daily use for an active lifestyle, such as the ‘comfort fit’.

As far as quality is concerned, a platinum certified ring has a hallmark stamp engraved inside. If it mentions ‘Iridplat’, then the ring is 90% pure and if it mentions ‘Plat’ then it is 95% pure,  and is of a higher value.

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