Propose To Your Bride In Style This Wedding Season

Propose To Your Bride In Style This Wedding Season

A tradition that dates to 16th century has the sweetest implication. Promise rings signified the assurance of marriage in those times. A man had to be financially stable to support his wife and family before marrying her. A promise ring acted like a placeholder till he could ask for her hand in marriage. With changing times, the meaning of the ring kept on changing but it remained a symbol of love through the years. Usually in a heart shape, a promise ring is found in the form of a band now. Young couples give promise rings as a pre-engagement ritual.

The band denotes an exclusive dating relationship between two people. It is also a symbol of monogamy in the present times. The intention to marry the significant other in the future is marked by a promise ring. While there are no rigid rules about the ring, it is usually placed on the ring finger of the left hand which is replaced with the wedding ring in the future. The design is usually a band without a solitaire. Some popular choices for a promise rings have been an infinity symbol, a circle that stands for their undying love for one another or a band engraved with something significant to the couple.
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You can express your love by placing a band on your loved one’s finger and promise eternal love. It will strengthen your bond with that person while cherishing your feelings for each other. Every time they look at the ring on their finger, they will be reminded of the emotions you share and bring a smile on their face. Ask them to be yours forever with a piece of jewellery so beautiful, they cannot say no to it. A little romantic gesture can go a long way to express your love. Set up a candle light dinner and bring her favourite flowers when you present the ring to her. The beautiful jewellery symbolizing a piece of your heart will stay with her forever.

Malabar brings to you a variety of bands to choose from for your better half.

Make your choice from an array of gold and platinum rings with beautiful designs. Encrusted with diamonds, the rings are a perfect way to say forever. Get a simple dainty ring or a broad band, the options are endless.

If your girl is a fashionista, get her a mix of metals for a stylish look. Opt for rose gold to make your ring stand out.
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Platinum is a metal repeatedly associated with undying love. The rarity of the metal is equated to the rare love between two individuals. A platinum ring will convey the deep feelings of your endless love towards each other.
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Browse from the hundreds of designs and pick the one that fits your budget to surprise your lady.

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