Rajput Bridal Jewellery Tradition


Rajasthan is known as the land of royalty, grandeur, and heritage. Rajasthanis are traditional people by blood and they swear by their culture and rituals, especially when it comes to weddings. If we look back, the prowess and supremacy of the royal families of Rajasthan have always been portrayed in their ornaments.

A traditional Rajasthani bride must be the epitome of elegance and culture on her wedding day. Be it her attire, jewellery, or mannerisms, everything says royalty about the Rajasthani bride.

The fine Kundan work embedded with gemstones, filigree work which requires an excellent hold over design work, the delicate Polki work and the mesmerizing Minakari charm is a reflection of the belief and pride Rajasthanis have for their culture and lifestyle.


We have listed some of the traditional ornaments which one would observe on a Rajasthani bride:
Rani Haar – A stunning ornament with five layers of elegance, which is very popular especially amongst royalty
Rakhdi – It is a round shaped bell-like piece worn by the bride between the partings of her hair
Tanmanyaan – One of the most gorgeous ornaments of the bridal kit, it is a choker-styled necklace embossed with uncut diamonds in kundan and polki style
Bicchiya – These are the golden toe rings worn by the bride and every married woman, especially in North India, as a symbol of her marriage
Pahunchi & Hathphool – This is primarily meant for the hands and wrists, which glorifies the look of the bride,
Nath – It is the stone-studded nose-ring, which completes the bride’s look

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