Stunning temple jewellery sets for the ethereal Tamil bride

Stunning temple jewellery sets for the ethereal Tamil bride

When it comes to the traditional Tamil bride, stunning temple jewellery sets that define elegance and grace are a given. With perfect craftsmanship and exquisite designs, temple jewellery has been an integral part of various royal households of South India. Here’s a quick guide to some stunning temple jewellery sets for the ethereal Tamil bride!

Kasu malai
A symbol of ethnic glory, the iconic kasu malai is an integral part of every Tamil bride’s wedding look. This is a traditional temple jewellery design that has stood the test of time. Like the name suggests, this essential piece of bridal jewellery consists of a string of gold coins arranged amidst a row of Lakshmi motifs. There are also variations of kasu malai sets with huge lotus and peacock pendants that are an interesting twist on this Southern classic. Adorn yourself with the double layered Kilikasu Haram from the Brides of India collection of Malabar Gold & Diamonds and reach the pinnacle of grace and elegance.

A haaram is one of the most glorious temple jewellery sets that evokes the elegance and sophistication of a Kanjeevaram saree. It embodies the true essence of South Indian temples with motifs inspired by Hindu gods and goddesses. The richness of these haarams lies in the intricate detailing and structuring of red and green rubies. If you are donning yourself with a ravishing red Kanjeevaram on your wedding day, make sure you perfect your bridal look with a Divine Lakshmi haaram from Brides of India collection of Malabar Gold & Diamonds.

From time immemorial, ottiyanam has been one of the most-desired temple jewellery sets among every Tamil bride. More than being a decorative ornament, ottiyanam is used as a functional bridal accessory. It is tied around the hips of the bride to tighten the heavy drape of a Kanchivaram saree. It is crafted with traditional temple jewellery motifs like peacocks, Goddess Lakshmi, mangoes and elephants. Some ottiyanams have a pure matte gold finish whereas others have a beautifully arranged border of precious rubies, pearls and emeralds.

There is nothing as charismatic and radiant as a progressive bride rooted by her family values and culture. Create a bold style statement with red and green beaded valayal (commonly known as bangles) in lovely floral patterns. If you are a minimalist, adorn finely crafted temple jewellery bangles with a Lakshmi motif. The intricate detailing of the motifs with red rubies is an excellent example of traditional craftsmanship and royalty. Pick a pair of beautifully handcrafted Antique Kundan Valayal from the Brides of India collection of Malabar Gold & Diamonds and let your bangles hold a place of pride on your big day.

Traditional jimikkis (commonly known as jhumkas) are a staple piece of jewellery in Tamil weddings. They are also available in a plethora of intricate designs, offering a multitude of charming patterns to choose from. Temple jimikkis add that extra ounce of brilliance and beauty to the overall look of the radiant Tamil bride. Kempu jimikkis, on the other hand, are a type of temple jimikkis embossed with vibrant stones, adding a regal touch to your bridal look. Their antique finish brings out the true elegance of the deep red rubies and celestial pearls.

Netti Chutti
A Netti Chutti completes a traditional bridal look. It is an important temple jewellery set that accentuates and highlights the striking features of a bride’s face. Simple pendant Netti Chuttis with embossed Lakshmi motifs are a versatile style statement that add a pop of elegance and glamour. Bring out the true traditions of Tamil culture with a layered Netti Chutti embedded with a wide variety of precious stones like rubies, emeralds, pearls and uncut diamonds. The grace and charm of a multi-layered Netti Chutti makes it a mandatory bridal accessory to give a finishing touch to your bridal hairdo.

Manga malai
A traditional manga malai is a long and intricate temple jewellery gold necklace with an exquisite range of precious and semiprecious stones. It is one of the most indispensable elements of a Tamil bride’s wedding trousseau. These necklaces have a gold matte finish along with extensive detailing of several classic mango-shaped motifs that resonate with South Indian culture. The round and delicately crafted Manga Malai from the Brides of India collection of Malabar Gold & Diamonds is a temple jewellery set to capture the true spirit of a South Indian bride.

The antique value, ethnic touch and elegant detailing with precious embellishments are some of the reasons why temple jewellery sets occupy a special place in the hearts of millions of Tamil brides across the world. Is your wedding around the corner? Then what are you waiting for? Head over to Malabar Gold & Diamonds and check out the vibrant range of Brides of India temple jewellery designs in town!

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