Rakshabandhan 2023 – Malabar’s Gold Rakhi for your Golden Bond!

Raksha Bandhan 2022

Cheerful festival of brother and sister, celebrating childhood memories and eternal love that words can’t express, 

He’ll forever cherish your golden love within fights and gestures, yet our gold rakhi is the one to confess.   

India is a country that’s rich in culture and signifies traditions like no other. It is the heritage of social means, ethical moralities and traditional beliefs. Undoubtedly, as Indians, we celebrate every festival with utmost joy and pride, and one such celebration is Rakshabandhan. 

What is Raksha Bandhan? The meaning of Raksha Bandhan is; that the word ‘Raksha’ signifies Protection and Respect, and ‘Bandhan’ means bond. Altogether, it means the precious bond of love and protection.

Do you remember the times when you used to fight for the television remote but ended up watching something you both loved? When you used to fight on unreasonable topics but ended up playing together? Remembering blissful days like these make you feel thrilled. Thus, for connection and memories so precious, Malabar brings you the grandeur Gold Rakhi as pure, thoughtful and valuable as your loving bond. 


• Malabar’s Gold Rakhi Design – Tantalising Treasure for your Eternal Togetherness. 

Enchanting, Extraordinary, Endearing, Exceptional, and probably words might fall short while defining art so pure. Bond as precious as gold must be celebrated with our gold rakhi; that divinely captures your unsaid sentiments. They are crafted with utmost devotion, love and remembering of the brother-sister duo’s thrilling memories that you’ll cherish forever. So, for Rakhi 2022, buy rakhi from Malabar’s designs of alluring patterns, which depicts your ever-lasting connection, and eternally connects with your hearts.

Gold Purity– Gold Rakhi Online at Malabar is crafted in 18KT Gold. 

Gold Metal ColourUsable in Yellow Gold. 

Gold Rakhi Designs: – 

  1. Evil-Eye Rakhi- In designs that protect your relationship from bad energies. 
  1. Spiritual Rakhi– Comes in patterns like Ganesh, Trishul, Om, Swastik, Krishna etc. 
  1. Alphabet Rakhi- With designs embellished with his initials, representing he is special to you. 
  1. Trendy Rakhi– With patterns like Guitar, Cycle etc., crafted in gold which takes you back to your childhood. 
  1. Geometric Rakhi– Patterns that exemplify you’ll always tolerate and believe him from every angle.  

• Two In One Gold Rakhi for your Two-In-One Golden Brother 

           ‘Malabar’s Rakhi: Adorned with thoughtful feelings and dual wearing style.’

A brother is your best friend; at times, he’s also the reflection of your father. So, for Rakshabandhan, choose an apt Rakhi for him with dual features because why restrict this art to a single purpose when you can wear it in an additionally extravagant way?Hence, for your two-in-one brother, we have dual featured rakhi in gold, which you can wear as rakhi first and later as a pendant. Alike your forever relationship, Malabar’s unique rakhi feature allows you to shine forever with your sister’s best wishes and love. 

You can wear this pendant style with your existing gold chain or explore Malabar’s Gold Chain category and choose your favourites! 

• Malabar’s Gold Rakhi Price

The collection of rakhi in gold starts from Rs 2,499 and goes above depending upon the theme; gold used etc. Our gold is BIS hallmarked; thus, choose your favourite unique rakhi online without worry. 

Lastly, the festival of Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated since 1905; even today, and in future, too, it will be enjoyed exceptionally. Hence, for your bond of today, tomorrow and every day, we’d continually mesmerise you with designs that fluently speak the language of your rare connection and love. The Malabar Gold and Diamonds Group wishes the delightful brother-sister duo Happy Rakshabandhan and may your relationship flourish amazingly.

• Beautifying Rakhi Gifts Online for your Beautiful Sister 

Every relationship involves two-way gestures; thus, according to the tradition, as the sister ties rakhi on the brother’s wrist, the brother must give a token of his precious love. 

All the brothers out there, are you looking for a gift for Raksha Bandhan? We have got you covered! Well, there is no doubt women love jewellery, so for Rakshabandhan 2023, give her Malabar’s exquisite wearable art in GoldDiamondPlatinum or Gemstone and choose magical pieces that will always stay close to her heart. Whether you decide to gift her a gemstone pendant or diamond necklace, gold earrings or platinum ring, our designs will indeed intensify her beautiful smile. You can even choose to give her Malabar’s Gold Coin or a Personalised Gift Card

• Rakhi Gifts for Sisters and Rakhi in Gold for Brothers – Design Type. 

Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Sister: – 

1)    Malabar Gold Pendant SKPDSET1647, crafted in 22KT gold, yellow gold metal, cut work theme, daily wear design type.  

2)    Mine Diamond Earrings ERPDGEN10290, crafted in 18KT Gold, rose gold metal, geometric theme studs for casual wear. 

3)    Mine Diamond Platinum Ring, crafted in PT (950) platinum with VVS clarity, 0.02 carat EF colour Diamond.

4)    Precia Gemstone Bracelet BRSNGGM014, crafted in 22KT yellow gold, fancy theme, loose design type, ruby studded design. 

Rakhi for Brother: – 

1) Malabar’s Rakhi in Gold PDDZSUG0139R, in 18KT gold, Spiritual theme.  

2)    Malabar Gold Geometric Rakhi ECPDSGDZ016R, in 18KT gold, geometric theme. 

3)    Malabar Gold M Alphabet Rakhi cum Pendant SMGRK013R, in 18KT yellow gold, alphabet theme. 

4)    Malabar Gold Trendy Guitar Violin Rakhi EKPDNO0027R, in 18KT yellow gold, trending theme. 

FAQ Segment 

  1. How much does a gold rakhi cost?

 Answer- At Malabar Gold and Diamonds, the rakhi collection in gold starts from Rs 2,499 and goes beyond considering various factors. 

  1. Which colour is good for rakhi? 

Answer- Well, it’s said that yellow-coloured rakhi is considered auspicious. So, choose our gold rakhi, which is formulated in yellow-coloured metal. 

  1. Why is rakhi celebrated?

Answer- This festivity is performed to celebrate the beautiful bond of brother and sister. 

  1. When should we not tie rakhi?

Answer- It should not be tied in Bhadra and Rahu Kaal as it is considered inauspicious. So, on the Raksha Bandhan date 2023, that is August 30, the best time to tie rakhi is: – 

  1. The Purnima Tithi onsets at 10:58 am on August 30, 2022 
  2. The Purnima Tithi ends at 07:05 am on August 31, 2022.