Earrings are one piece of jewellery that women love to change often and from one occasion to another. If you are wearing the same pair of earrings daily, it is likely to get dirty soon. Unless you store them in a nice jewellery box, they will attract grime from air pollution, sweat or various hair/skin cosmetic products you use. What’s more, they will lose their shiny sparkle too, and your ear may catch an infection too! Now, you don’t want that, right?

It is very easy to clean earrings and need just a few minutes of your time. Then, lo and behold, your earrings are as good as brand new! Here is a step-by-step instruction to clean your gold, diamond and platinum earrings.

Your Earrings Need Extra TLC!

Well, just cleaning at regular intervals isn’t enough to take care of your earrings.  They need some extra special treatment too.

The best way to store your earrings is in the same jewellery box given by your jewellery. If you have lost that box, find another one with a soft velvet bed. Make sure the box is airtight and suits the size of earrings. Ask the jeweller on storage and care instructions when buying a new pair.

A jeweller has the necessary expertise to handle jewellery. If you find that you are not able to clean the earrings at home or if there is any damage done, take it to your jeweller to get it done. It is always advisable to retain the jeweller receipt and certificate – you may need it at the time of giving it for cleaning or restoration of earrings.

Your earrings get exposed to shampoo, soap, creams, perfumes or any other cosmetic products. The dirt can accumulate, and abrasion can happen at a faster rate than you can imagine. So, always put earrings as the last piece on your body after bathing or dressing up.

When you step out of the home, your earrings are vulnerable to sunlight, dust, smoke and other weather conditions. If possible, cover your head with a scarf in a way that it protects your earrings. When going swimming, exercising or bathing, remove your earrings.