For a bride, her wedding day is indeed the happiest day of her life because not only does she get to marry the love of her life but also because she gets to wear stunning bridal lehenga and drop-dead gorgeous bridal jewellery.

But, when it comes to buying wedding jewellery, many brides absolutely don’t know how to choose jewellery for wedding according to the outfit and hence, they end up looking bad on the most important day of their life.

To make sure you get the most beautiful jewellery that compliments your wedding dress, you must follow the easy tips mentioned in this article.

Here is how to pick bridal jewellery:

First and foremost, you must not overdo your bridal look. A One of the common est mistakes that most every other Indian brides makecommits is dressing up in a very overwhelming way.

If you are wearing a very heavy lehenga, it would be great if you tone down your jewellery and makeup. If you want to go heavy with jewellery and makeup, select a sober bridal outfit. The perfect wedding look is all about striking a perfect balance between your wedding outfit, jewellery, and makeup.

Talking about jewellery, select jewellery pieces that harmonisego well with each other to create a balanced look.

Do not wear every single piece of jewellery that you own. Over accessorizing can spoil your entire look. Instead of adorning every part of your body with heavy bridal jewellery piece or two and balance them with light jewellery pieces.

Many brides match the colour of their jewellery with the dress but if you swear by the latest fashion, you must contrast your wedding jewellery with your wedding outfit. Contrasting jewellery looks supremely stunning and takes the bridal fashion game several notches higher. On the contrary , wearing the same colour from head to toe comes across as drab and boring.

Be a bold bride and wear jewellery contrasting the colour of your bridal outfit. If you are wearing a red lehenga, opt for an emerald neckpiece or wear rubies with green lehenga. Emerald and rubies also look fabulous with golden, as well as ivory outfits.

If you want to try something more interesting on your wedding day to turn the heads, you can coordinate the colour of your dupatta with the colour of your wedding jewellery. This is indeed a great idea if you want to be a set a new trend setter on your big day.

If your pink lehenga has a golden dupatta, opt for gold bridal jewellery. If your ivory lehenga has a green border, instead of going for neutral jewellery, opt for a green wedding jewellery set. If your dupatta has a multi-coloured border, opt for multi-coloured jewellery.
You are certainly going to create bridal fashion goals & be a cult favourite.

Diamonds always catch the fancy of every jewellery lover and when a bride adorns herself with pretty diamond jewellery on her big day, she literally looks like a fairy straight from heaven. If you love diamonds too, consider matching diamond jewellery with your wedding dress. If you are wearing a lehenga with sequins or stones, diamond jewellery will certainly go well with your outfit. To match it to your lehenga, you can opt for diamond jewellery with stones. If you are wearing a green lehenga, go for a diamond set with emeralds and if you are wearing a red lehenga, go with diamond jewellery with rubies.

A majority of brides compromise their comfort on their wedding day. They wear heavy lehenga and top it up with a heavy dupatta.
Heavy jewellery acts as an icing on the cake.

Many brides buy bridal jewellery without considering their comfort. Sometimes the spikes poke into their skin, sometimes the metal causes
allergic reactions, and wearing skin-hugging jewellery for a long duration of time causes redness and rashes in some brides.

You must not make this mistake. When you buy your bridal jewellery to match your outfit, look for jewellery that is light in weight and is made of metal that falls easy on your skin. You can opt for detachable jewellery so that you can detach the pieces when they begin to irritate you.
Another benefit of buying detachable bridal jewellery is that you can wear them later after your wedding. Certainly, you will not get much chance to wear your super-heavy wedding jewellery after your wedding. And so, if you buy detachable jewellery, you would be able to wear it more often.

Now you know how to pick bridal jewellery – according to your comfort, choice and to match your wedding dress.