Mangalsutra for Modern Indian Brides

Mangalsutra holds a great value for Indians. It is not just an ornament that married Indian women wear. It is a sacred thread that binds a woman to her man. It is a thread that denotes the pious relationship of a man and a wife. For an Indian woman, a mangalsutra is her most precious adornment, a declaration of her love and devotion for her husband and a piece of jewellery that protects her relationship from the evil eye. Every married Indian Hindu woman has a deep-seated belief that a mangalsutra has extra-ordinary powers. The black beads in the sacred threads ward off negativity, as well as the evil eye.

The word mangalsutra is made with two words- “Mangal” and “Sutra”, which means an auspicious thread. Mangalsutra designs comprise of a yellow thread with interlaced black and yellow beads. For centuries, women have been wearing the traditional yellow thread and beads mangalsutra. However, quite recently there has been a shift in the way women wear this sacred thread. Today, mangalsutra has shifted from neck to the delicate wrists of a married woman. Bold solitaires have replaced the yellow beads. Tradition gold mangalsutra design has taken a backseat and the modern Indian women are flaunting the modern mangalsutra designs.

Different types of mangalsutra designs

The modern brides have mastered the art of striking a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. The modern mangalsutra designs are a perfect example of this freshly attained poise. The new age women have given a striking makeover to the traditional mangalsutra without compromising on its value.

Here are the different types of mangasutra designs that you can flaunt: 

Mangalsutra bracelet

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Bold as it sounds, a mangalsutra bracelet is indeed the most striking counterpart of the traditional mangalsutra. Unlike the traditional mangalsutra, this modern version is worn on the wrist. It is made of the traditional black beads keeping it connected to its roots.
Many modern brides can now be seen wearing a mangalsutra on their wrist rather than their neck.

Necklace mangalsutra

These beautiful mangalsutras are basically a cross between heavy necklaces and traditional mangalsutras. These are basically heavy pieces that can be worn on special occasions like wedding, parties, etc.

These mangalsutras look extremely stunning. You can carry them well with almost any Indian attire, be it a saree, lehenga, or suit.

Ring mangalsutra

Another bolder version of the traditional mangalsutras is ring mangalsutras. As the name says, this gold mangalsutra design is worn on
fingers like a ring.

A ring mangalsutra is one of the sassiest versions of mangalsutra. You can wear it with modern outfits with utmost grace and panache. You can either wear a band of black beads or go for diamond ring mangalsutra.

Diamond mangalsutra

Diamond mangalsutra designs are quite popular among the modern ladies. Apart from the traditional black beads, these mangalsutras have beautiful diamond-studded pendants.

Right from modern diamond pendants to traditional pendants, you can select any design. If you want to give a modern twist to this already modern mangalsutra, you can add a quirky diamond pendant rather than a regular one.

Gemstone mangalsutra

One of the most recent trends that have been doing rounds is gemstone mangalsutra. It looks absolutely stunning and utterly modern.

You can wear your birthstone with the beaded thread and flaunt the gemstone mangalsutra with every outfit, be it modern or traditional. The beautiful and colourful stones add a quirk to a simple mangalsutra.

Today, many modern women wear a gemstone mangalsutra wherein they team the black bead thread with colourful stones like sapphire, emerald, ruby, etc.

The most remarkable thing about this modern variant of mangalsutra is that you can mix and match it using various stones. Every time you wear a gemstone mangalsutra, you can wear it with different stone and in a completely different style.

String mangalsutra

If you have a sober taste, you can opt for a string mangalsutra. It comes in many beautiful designs. You can either wear a two-string or a three-string mangalsutra. If you want a dressier look, you can wear a multiple-string mangalsutra. 

There are many other mangalsutra designs in string pattern. If you want a string mangalsutra for special occasions, you can buy one with gold balls or diamond balls. These mangalsutras are simple and light in weight but give avery heavier look. 

Kundan and pearl mangalsutra

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If you are a fan of Kundan and pearl jewellery, you will surely love Kundan and pearl mangalsutra. These mangalsutras have traditional elements but they are not like the traditional mangalsutras. They are gorgeous and heavier.
You will certainly turn many heads.

Geometric patterned mangalsutra

Geometric patterned mangalsutras are also quite popular among the modern married ladies. These mangalsutras look extremely voguish.

The best thing about these modern mangalsutras is that you can wear them daily. They look great with Indian traditional, as well as modern outfits.

Mangalsutra with quirky pendants

Gold mangalsutras with quirky pendants are highly loved by modern ladies. These mangalsutras flaunt beautiful gold or diamond pendants in quirky designs.

If you don’t mind going bold with your gold mangalsutra design, you can opt for mangalsutras with quirky pendants. You can select any pendants like floral pendants, heart-shaped pendants, your zodiac signs, etc. Your quirky take on the traditional mangalsutra will surely earn you many fans.

Mangalsutra with alphabetical pendants

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Another popular diamond or gold mangalsutra design is a traditional beaded thread with alphabetical pendants. You can either wear your initials or your husband’s initials with your mangalsutra.

Spiritual symbolic mangalsutra

If you are a spiritual person, you can also think of wearing a gold symbolic pendant in the form of mangalsutra. All you need is to select a beautiful diamond or gold spiritual pendant. You can opt for om pendants or other symbolic pendants and wear it with black and gold beaded thread.

This mangalsutra design looks classy, modern, and traditional all at the same time.

Mangalsutra is a symbol of the everlasting bond between a husband and a wife. But, of course, you can give it a makeover and make it more stylish.