Every girl dreams about the day when her prince charming would go down on his knees and pop the big question with the most gorgeous looking stone on the Earth. Now, if this has created a little bit of pressure on you boys, we are here to help you.

If you are soon planning to turn this big dream of your girl into reality and adorn the ring finger of your lady love with a solitaire ring, we have got you covered.

Read about how you can buy a diamond solitaire engagement ring for the love of your life:

Well, when it comes to buying an engagement ring, the budget should not be your concern. But, still, as you will have many options at your disposal, you are very likely to get overwhelmed. So, to make sure you are making a sane choice and not over-splurging; you must at least have a rough budget.

You must decide on a diamond ring price range that you are fine with. This will also help you to select a ring quickly without wasting much time.

To buy a perfect diamond, you must first know about the diamond. This precious stones carries many complexities and to impress your lady love with a drop-dead gorgeous diamond ring on your engagement, you must know on what parameters you can weigh the diamond to get the ideal one.

You must learn about the four Cs- the Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight, and Cut. All these factors affect the value of the diamond and also influence the aesthetic of the stone. Hence, it is very important to first understand these four parameters before you check diamond rings at a jewellery store.

If you want to impress your lady love, you must know her choice. Try to find out what kind of jewellery does she love- classic or contemporary, yellow or white, or chunky or delicate, sober or glamorous?

As you will find thousands of diamond rings for women to choose from, you will be able to make a better choice if you know her preference.

You would certainly not want to spoil the most special day of life by buying a ring that does not fit her. So, it is very important for you to know her ring size.

If you are planning to take her along with you while you buy your diamond engagement ring, you won’t have to worry about anything but if the ring is going to be a surprise for her, you must get the exact ring size.

Take any of her rings and trace its inner circle on a paper or press it into a soap bar to get an impression. Or, you can slide the ring onto your finger and mark where the ring stops to slide down. Make sure you make no mistake in getting the ring size.

Diamond engagement rings come in various shapes and cutting styles. As your lady love is going to wear this ring for the rest of her life, it is obviously imperative for you to buy a solitaire ring in her favorite shape and cutting size.

If you are not sure about her choice, it is always best to buy a diamond ring in classic shapes like square or round as these shapes are timeless.

But, there are many other shapes in diamond rings that are supremely stunning. You can consider rectangle, emerald shape, pear shape, diamond shape, marquise, etc. There are many other fancy shapes to choose from.

A large stones look drop-dead gorgeous but you must determine the size of the diamond based on the carat count. One carat diamond can look smaller or bigger due to various factors like its cut, size of the table and shape of the stone.

Hence, you must not concentrate on the numerical carat weight. You must consider other factors like how the size will come out in various settings. You must look for a ring where low-carat diamonds look bigger.

The most important factor that determines the beauty of a diamond is its cut. The angles and facets of the diamond determine its shine. These two factors regulate how light shines through the stone and return to the top and so, this makes the cut a very important factor to consider while buying a solitaire engagement ring.

Well, you may not find it easy to determine the cut of the diamond but you can check it under a gemological microscope. You can also compare various diamond rings for women under light and check which ring reflects the light more.

You will come across many beautiful diamond engagement rings in various settings. You can select the one that aesthetically appeals to you the most.

You can also select a setting that goes with her overall personality. For instance, if your lady love is more of an outdoorsy personality, you must look for less ornate settings and secure mountings. A robust ring is best suited for her. On the other hand, if your girl is glamorous, you must look for a diamond engagement ring with intricate settings and details.

In terms of settings, you will get numerous options.

When you buy diamond rings for women, you must not keep your focus restricted to diamonds; you must also consider the metal.

As an engagement ring is for eternity, you must buy it in gold or platinum. As these metals are highly durable, your lady can wear the ring regularly without causing wear and tear.

Here again, you will get many options like yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Select the metal that she loves.

For any woman, engagement would be the most special day of her life. Make it big for her with a gorgeous solitaire ring. Use these above mentioned tips to buy a diamond solitaire engagement ring for her.